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Terms And Conditions


1. Before practicing at the Box Tree Clinic

  • This contract is not for a room rental. This contract provides the practitioner(s) with membership of Box Tree Clinic and access to practice at our clinic at certain agreed upon times that are agreed upon in writing with Box Tree Clinic at the top of this contract or a later amendment.

  • You (“the Therapist”) accept full responsibility for and agree that you have and will maintain your own Indemnity Insurance, are qualified to practise and will maintain your insurance and your registration with your registration body.

  • You agree that the Box Tree Clinic shall not be responsible for the work conducted in any therapy sessions or appointments made between the Therapist and their clients.

  • You agree that Box Tree Clinic will not take the bookings on behalf of the Therapist, unless otherwise agreed, although we may refer enquiries to youUnless agreed otherwise, the Therapist will operate independently as a member of the Box Tree Clinic, maintaining full control over bookings, finances and development of their own practice.

  • The Therapist agrees not to share, license, or sublet the therapy room, or any area of the Building, in any manner with another practitioner or member of the public and that therapists who you want to practice at the EMDR and Addiction practice will be members of Box Tree Clinic and not tenants.

  • You agree that the Box Tree Clinic will not deal with any money transactions and payment of therapy fees on behalf of the Therapist unless otherwise agreed.

  • Each Therapist agrees for the Box Tree Clinic to provide the Building Office Management with their full name, home address, and contact details before they begin. This is for the security of the building and to allow the reception staff and management to know who is working in the building. It also helps reception to greet visitors and direct them to the proper Therapist in case of fire or emergency.

  • The Therapist agrees to stop by the reception during business hours at least one day before you are due to begin at the Box Tree Clinic to have an electronic photograph taken of you for the Building Office Management to use for security. Your key should be ready to pick up from reception the following morning, to be arranged with reception.

  • You agree to pay for any phone calls made and to inform Box Tree Clinic of the date and time of any phone call.

2. Use of the Therapy Room/s

  • The Therapy Room(s) must only be used during the hours that have been agreed and paid for in advance.

  • The Therapist agrees to keep in mind that there are a variety of other professionals and businesses in the building and that he or she needs to be professional, considerate, courteous, to keep a low volume level, and not to speak about clients, psychological issues, or medical issues at all times in dealing with others in the building, including in the hallway, doorway, reception, waiting areas, kitchen, and any other areas of the building.  If your client needs to speak about treatment or personal issues and you are with them in an area of the building other than in the therapy room, please ask them to step into the therapy room to talk or to delay the conversation until the next meeting. Please use the common spaces with discretion (for example do not sit in a waiting area for hours at a time). Common areas and the waiting room cannot be used for professional talks and the treatment or assessment of clients.

  • All clients who receive treatment at Box Tree Clinic in the Addiction, EMDR, and other practices must maintain a respectable demeaner, behaviour, and appearance at all times. Clients must use the common spaces with discretion (for example do not sit in a waiting area for hours at a time). Box Tree Clinic and the building management have the right to stop anti-social clients from attending the clinic.

  • The Therapist agrees to leave the Therapy Room in a clean and tidy condition, that practice waste is removed by the end of the day by the practitioner and not left in the room. In addition, food waste and dishes are brought to the kitchen and not left in the room and that reasonable care is taken of fixtures and fittings.

  • At the conclusion of the agreement you agree to put the room back into the same condition that it was in when you moved into the room. For example, fittings and fixtures that have been removed must be replaced as they were.

  • Any and all costs that are incurred by you/ your practice/ therapists practicing in your practice that are billed to Box Tree Clinic by the building management and/or the building will be paid for by you. There will be a 10% fee plus applicable sales taxes in addition to the cost(s) incurred.

  • The Therapist agrees not to bring in living creatures/pets to the Therapy Room or any hazardous, dangerous or illegal materials to the building or do anything which would or might invalidate any insurance relating to Box Tree Clinic or to the Building.

  • The Therapist agrees not to conduct any illegal activity from Box Tree Clinic.

  • The use of burning objects of any kind such as candles and incense may not be used in the Therapy Room(s) at any time.

  • The Therapist agrees not to carry out medical services, services giving prescriptions, or any services utilising needles or working with bodily fluids or that require a D1 medical space in Box Tree Clinic.

  • The Therapists special requirements for the room/s must be conveyed and agreed prior to the commencement of the booking. An extra fee for special requirements may be incurred.

  • The Therapist is responsible for safely keeping his or her key to the room and building and never lending or giving the key to another person. In the event that the Therapist loses a key, the Therapist agrees to inform the Box Tree Clinic that the key has been lost. A £50 fee will be charged to replace the key. It is recommended that each key is guarded very carefully and kept on the Therapists lanyard or in another safe place.

  • The Therapist shall not alter the room(s) or install any cabling, electrical, IT, telecoms or other equipment without the written approval of the Box Tree Clinic.

  • The Therapist shall not display any signs or notices that are visible from outside those room(s).

  • The Therapist agrees to comply with all laws and statutory requirements including Health and Safety Regulations in the conduct of his or her business and the occupation of the room(s).

  • The Therapist may not leave children or adolescents unattended in the building at any time. This includes all common spaces and therapy rooms.

  • The Therapist agrees to inform Box Tree Clinic if they are going to be away for a period in excess of two weeks. Non-use of a key card for a period in excess of two weeks results in the de-activation of the card as a security precaution. Box Tree Clinic is not responsible for periods of non-use of rooms due to card de-activation in this circumstance or for charges incurred to re-activate de-activated cards.

3. Payment of Therapy Room Membership

  • Registration fee: £75 (waived)

  • Notice Period: there is a three-month notice period required in writing to end or change your contract.

  • Lost key fee £50

  • Late Payments: late charges and interest will be charged at the statutory rate. On the 1st March 2019, late payment interest is charged at 8% above the Bank of England base rate of 0.5%. Statutory late fee are:

    • Up to £999.99 - £40

    • £1,000 to £9,999.99 - £70

    • £10,000 or more - £100

3.1 Individual Therapist

  • All sessional membership slots must be paid for at the time of booking. After we have verified your documents membership will be granted.

  • Payment can be made by direct debit mandate or by bank transfer.

  • Non-payment will result in suspension of membership.

  • Where individual therapists are part of a practice payment will be the responsibility of the practice.

4. Cancellation and Departure

  • The Therapist or Practice agrees not to bring over one of the Therapists at the Box Tree Clinic with them if they leave to start or join a different practice with them without paying us a fee of £1,000.

  • The Therapist OR Practice agrees to return electronic key(s) to the Box Tree Clinic within 24 hours of ending the contract. Therapists OR Practice will be billed £50 for each missing key with payment due within 14 days of billing.

  • The Box Tree Clinic reserves the right to cancel room membership or to move members to a different room of similar size and quality if it is unable to provide access or hire rooms for any reason at all.

5. Box Tree Clinic's Obligations to the Therapist

The Box Tree Clinic agrees to:

  • Make the Therapy room(s) available to the Therapist at the times agreed except for dates where the building has made a decision to be closed.

  • Maintain toilets and provide general caretaking and cleaning services through the service of the building’s Office management.

  • Provide customer service for the Therapist. We will endeavour to return calls, texts, and emails as quickly as possible and usually in the same day.

6. Box Tree Clinic - Central Services

The following central services are subject to change and are not guaranteed by Box Tree Clinic.

  • Inside the Room

    • High speed internet (wifi and wired)

    • Phone – reception calls the practitioner when their client arrives

  • Building

    • Security – cctv and electronic keycard access

    • Reception – fully staffed reception during office hour.

    • Waiting Room – large oak paneled waiting room

    • Kitchens – One large kitchen (newly refurbished) and smaller kitchens for breaks

    • Tea, premium coffee, and water provided for free

    • Occasional gatherings with sweets, mints, cakes offered for free in the waiting room

    • We provide shower facilities and limited bicycle storage

  • On the Box Tree Clinic website

    • Profile posted on the Box Tree Clinic website

    • Box Tree Clinic email address

    • Secure account area to manage their account with Box Tree Clinic

    • Secure dashboard to manage their clients’ online bookings (optional with additional fee)

    • Membership of the Box Tree Clinic social media platform

    • Ability to use our ecommerce platform for online booking

    • Secure client account area

    • Search facility for clients to find practitioners

  • Marketing

    • Ranked organic search for keywords to obtain new clients

    • Brochures of our clinic are available in each of our rooms

  • Referrals (we provide referrals to practitioners for new clients but do not guarantee referrals)

    • Clients can email practitioners from their online profile through a secure online form

    • WhatsApp referral group that our practitioners belong to

  • Professional development and peer social opportunities

    • Peer consultation meetings held most months in thel boardroom with refreshments all at no cost

    • Trips to the local pub as a group with the first drink on us

  • Box Tree Clinic Name and Logo

    • Box Tree Clinic provides you with limited rights to utilise the Box Tree Clinic name and logo online and in print to advertise your services to clients

7. Services Available for Additional Charge

  • Online Booking of appointments – we charge a per transaction fee.

The Box Tree Clinic reserves the right to cancel a Therapist’s membership effective immediately should he or she not abide by the terms of this agreement.