About Us

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About Us.

TherapyRoom.Rent was set up in 2018 by business consultant Richard Parry and psychologist Comfort Shields.

We own a clinic, Box Tree Clinic, in the Harley Street Medical District of London.

The idea for this business emerged out of a need to better match therapists with rooms in which to practice. Box Tree Clinic provides a high quality full-service therapy environment for our therapists through reserved hours clinic membership. We wanted to provide a high quality service to a wider community of therapists and room providers at an affordable price.

We are active in improving mental health in our community. This has included the following:


  • We have facilitated and led a project between the London Business School and Connected Lives (a local charity) to develop a plan to provide additional reduced rate counselling services within London.
  • We provide reduced rate therapy to clients in need at Box Tree Clinic

Box Tree Clinic Limited

24 Manor House
London, NW1 5NP

Company number: 10087376
VAT number: GB 270435027